同時dailymail上頭寫到的是: "Dr Gems's work debunked the widely held belief that antioxidants are key in the fight against ageing."

講到自由基與維他命C.E等抗氧化劑的關係,與後者是為key in the fight against ageing的觀點提出質疑!


Dr Alan Schafer, of the Wellcome Trust, said: 'With increasing lifespan comes greater exposure and vulnerability to the ageing process.

'Research such as this points to how much we have to learn about ageing and the importance of understanding the mechanisms behind this process.

'This new study will encourage researchers to explore new avenues in ageing research.'

Dr Aubrey de Grey, the controversial Cambridge-based anti-ageing guru, said it would be wrong to simply conclude that free radicals do not play a role in ageing.

He said it was possible they while they do harm in some parts of the body, they do good in others, and the two effects cancel each other out.

Alternatively, ageing may be driven by a variety of processes, of which free radical attack is only one.

He added: 'That said, the conclusion that today's antioxidant products are not life-extending for humans is very probably correct.'




我看到的是報紙的原文,我會認為台灣編譯很容易誤導...然後勒 讓人一直笑話英國(這是住在英國超過年紀一半的我所能夠提出的忿忿不平!)




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